• מלגת קרן וולף הוענקה לתלמידת התואר השלישי רינת מאיר Wolf Foundation Scholarship

    Wolf Foundation Scholarship Awarded to PhD Candidate Rinat Meir

    Cancer immunotherapy is a general term for clinical methods that seek to boost the body’s innate ability to target and destroy tumors. But while this approach – first explored over a century ago – has become the basis of a number of successful treatments, scientists have never been able to directly observe this success in action. Now, doctoral student Rinat Meir has changed all that, by demonstrating a new method for tracking the activity of cancer-specific T-cells in an animal model. 

  • Using Light to Create Sound

    Using Light to Create Sound

    Researchers from Bar Ilan University have developed a novel chemical sensory method, based on optical fibers that use internally contained light to create external sound waves, and thus receive indirect information on the surrounding environment. This new method can improve the sensory abilities of a wide variety of applications, including industrial processes, and remote detection of chemicals.