The Analog Specialists

Or Adiv, currently studying for his Bachelor's degree, explains why the analog team at the network and telecommunication company in which he works is comprised of Bar Ilan University students only.

Or Adiv is currently completing his bachelor's degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering. He plans to continue on to his Master's degree with Prof. Joseph (Yossi) Shor, Head of Analog Circuit Design at the Faculty. Or is concurrently working on designing analog circuits for communication systems at Huawei, the world's largest communications products manufacturer. "Analog circuits are complex circuits that use continuous values of current and voltage to transmit information. They provide power and current to a circuit, without which it is impossible to operate an electric circuit," he explained. "This is a complex field, and there are very few people in Israel who know how to contend with it. Our faculty truly specializes in this field. Bar-Ilan University already has a variety of Bachelor degree courses specializing in analog design, which is very unique as compared to other universities. These courses are not easy ones, but they prepare us for work in high tech, and at a level which we could not acquire anywhere else."

When applying for his job at Huawei, Adiv was interviewed by Dr. Roni El-Bahar, a Technion graduate and head of the company's analog division. "Because Dr. El-Bahar is a Technion graduate, he wanted to recruit students from the Technion only, and interviewed them for this position. In addition, several students from Bar Ilan were invited for interviews, and I was one of them. Following the interviews, he concluded that the students from Bar-Ilan were at a much higher level. Today, we are a team of five students, all from Bar-Ilan. Dr. El-Bahar also met Professor Yossi Shor at a professional conference and complimented him on the Faculty's high level of students in the field of analog design."

The Analog Specialists- Or Adiv