Post-Doc & PhD Positions

Postdoctoral Position #107

Opening at the Computer Graphics & Digital Geometry Processing Lab

Host: Dr. Ofir Weber

An opening for a 2 years postdoc position, a Ph.D., and an M.Sc. positions are currently available.
If you are interested in performing cutting edge research in computer graphics and geometry processing, don’t hesitate to send us your CV.

We are currently looking to recruit outstanding students with various backgrounds (computer science, applied mathematics, computer/electrical engineering, etc.) to work on theoretical and computational methods in geometry and their applications to problems in computer graphics and digital geometry processing. In particular, our group deals with the following applications: bounded distortion bijective mappings, surface parameterization, shape analysis, computer animation.
Experience in the following areas is an advantage: convex as well as nonlinear optimization, discrete differential geometry, topology, computational geometry, general-purpose computations on graphics hardware (GPGPU).

Contact details:


Postdoctoral Position #106

Opening at The Reactive Systems and Algorithms Lab

Head: Dr. Hillel Kugler

A postdoc position is available to join a research program on designing new biological computing devices, aimed to solve complex computational problems efficiently and investigate alternative computing technologies. The selected candidates will work with Dr. Hillel Kugler with opportunities to travel to and collaborate with several leading experimental groups in Europe that will be studying the development and design of the underlying methods and technology, as part of a new 5-year European Project. For more details please contact Hillel Kugler at

Post doctoral fellows interested in Software Engineering, Reactive Systems, Verification of Deep Learning Systems, or Modeling & Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks may also apply.

PhD Candidate Position #10

Openings at The Reactive Systems and Algorithms Lab

Head: Dr. Hillel Kugler

PhD positions are currnetly available on projects related to software engineering, reactive systems, verification of deep learning systems, and modeling and analysis of gene regulatory networks, please see Research | Dr. Hillel Kugler, or contact Hillel Kugler at for more information.


Postdoctoral Position #105

Opening at The Analog Design Lab

Head: Prof. Joseph Shor

The Analog Design group in Bar-Ilan Faculty of Engineering is seeking a highly motivated, outstanding PhD level circuit designer, as well as graduate students to perform state-of-the-art research in analog VLSI design.  This group, led by Prof. Joseph Shor is a leading Analog research team, and one of the only groups in Israel to specialize in Analog VLSI.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Integrated Sensors for Physical Parameters (temperature, pressure, current, etc.)
  • Analog circuits for security, such as PUF and Power Flattening
  • Power Management Circuits, such as LDO, Voltage Droop Sensing, and DC2DC.
  • Voltage and Current reference Circuits
  • Ultra-Low Power, nW-level Analog circuits
  • Ultra-Miniaturized Analog Circuits and Sensors
  • Critical Path Monitors and Time-to-Digital Converters

Submit your applications to


Postdoctoral Position #104

Field: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Head: Dr. Dror Rawitz

A postdoctoral position is currently available for a researcher who is interested in designing approximation, online, or distributed algorithms. A more detailed list of topics can be found at

Please send your CV to


Postdoctoral Position #103

Field: Interactive Coding Research

Head: Dr. Ran Gelles

A postdoctoral position is available with Dr. Ran Gelles for researchers who are interested in the general field of coding theory and wish to get involved in the front line of interactive coding research.

Send your applications to


Postdoctoral Position #102

Opening at The Nano photonics, Fluorescence Imaging and Microscopy Research Lab

Head: Prof. Dror Fixler

An opening currently exists for a post-doctoral researcher in the area of Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of nanoparticles linked to fluorophores or carbon dots, anisotropy decay and optical biophysics deals with light-tissue interactions. The principal goal of the research effort is to utilize novel mathematical and experimental systems to explore metal-fluorophore interaction: investigating the fluorescence intensity following metal enhanced fluorescence – MEF; changes in fluorescence lifetime and fluorescence correlation time.

The post-doctoral associate will participate in a multidisciplinary research program which includes biologists, physicists, chemists, engineers, and biochemists, and therefore must be willing to work in an open and collaborative environment. The successful candidate will have previous experience in more than one of the following areas: lasers and/or optics, microscopy, cellular or biomolecular imaging, biochemical sample preparation, and biophysics. The position will include both experimental measurements and the development of models for the observed behavior. The position is for two to three years, one year at a time.

Interested individuals should send a curriculum vitae, publications list, and names of three references to


Postdoctoral Position #101

Opening at The Nanobioengineering Lab

Head: Prof. Rachela Popovtzer

A position is available for an outstanding doctoral or post-doctoral candidate to conduct innovative research in biochemistry and nanotechnology, at the Nanobioengineering Lab of the Faculty of Engineering, at Bar-Ilan University. 

Experience in work with animal models of human disease is an advantage. 

Exceptionally talented candidates with an MSc or PhD in biochemistry are welcome to apply.

Please send your CV to Prof. Rachela Popovtzer,