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VLSI Lab Education

VLSI Course

Professor S. Wimer conduct the VLSI Course for 4th year undergraduate students.
The VLSI undergraduate course taught at BIU is compulsory for EE students and elective for CE students.
The course is focusing on VLSI circuits, performance technology and backend design aspects.
It also highlights CAD problems in the above areas, including algorithmic and computational aspects.
A part of the course curriculum includes practical exercising of few design activities in the VLSI Lab with CADENCE flow.
The students are required to implement early backend analysis, including gate level implementation, logic equivalence to RTL, early floor planning, timing and power estimation.
The design goals have been set high enough such that students must understand the log files in details and correlate those with the theory studied at class.
Students are credited according to the performance their design achieves. We plan to add advanced course for low-power design, where further usage of CADENCE tools is expected.

VLSI Course


Last Updated Date : 22/10/2012