PhD in Engineering ("Doctor of Philosophy" Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in engineering represents the pinnacle of academic studies, focusing on original, theoretical, or experimental research work. The doctoral student is expected to demonstrate independence, scientific curiosity, initiative, originality, and drive throughout their academic journey. Exceptional doctoral students receive prestigious scholarships, awards, opportunities to participate in international conferences, and access to excellent research conditions. Additionally, postgraduate students actively integrate into the teaching system of the Faculty of Engineering. The comprehensive curriculum includes advanced courses and the completion of a doctoral thesis under the guidance of a faculty member specializing in the student's chosen field. The duration for completing the requirements of the Ph.D. program is set at four years.


  • Ph.D. studies in engineering are open to candidates who have completed their master's degree studies in the thesis track in engineering, with an average of at least 86 in the courses and a minimum score of 90 in the thesis.
  • Candidates with a master's degree in engineering from a non-thesis track, showcasing an average grade of at least 90 in master's degree courses and a grade of at least 90 in the final project, may apply, provided they demonstrate independent research ability and have published at least one article.
  • Exceptional master's degree students in engineering can apply for a Ph.D. in an integrated track upon their supervisor's recommendation.
  • In unique cases, outstanding bachelor's degree graduates with an average of at least 90 may be considered for direct-track Ph.D. studies immediately after completing the bachelor's degree.

Applicants seeking admission to the Ph.D. program must submit two letters of recommendation from academia or industry experts in engineering.

Academic Requirements:

  • A Ph.D. student will study 16 academic credits of engineering courses, subject to supervisor approval, within the four-year study period.
  • An integrated track Ph.D. candidate will take 44 academic credits of engineering courses as part of their integrated track studies.
  • A direct-track Ph.D. student will complete all mandatory courses in the master's degree program, along with at least 30 additional academic credits of elective courses relevant to their research field within the four-year study period.
  • Submitting a research proposal according to the date indicated in the acceptance letter or according to the date in the President's Scholarship Agreement - to the President's Scholar. The final decision on its suitability for doctoral studies and the student's research capability will be determined based on examiner opinions and a written examination.
  • Candidates without a bachelor's/master's degree in electrical/computer engineering who completed their studies in exact sciences or life sciences must take at least three supplementary engineering courses, determined by the supervisor. These students will be in a "probational" status and must achieve a minimum average of 85 in these courses for their candidacy to be discussed.
  • Completion courses will not be included in the study hours required for PhD studies.
  • A Ph.D. student with joint supervision from a faculty member and an additional supervisor outside the faculty can accumulate up to 50% of the credit points from courses in the other department or institution.
  • The Ph.D. Committee at the Faculty of Engineering is responsible for accepting doctoral students and presenting them to the University's Ph.D. Committee, ensuring compliance with assignments and schedules.


  • Attendance at a minimum of 14 departmental colloquium seminar lectures is mandatory.
  • Each doctoral student must present at least two seminars during their Ph.D. studies, with the first focusing on the research proposal and the second toward the end of the degree.

In addition to the outlined curriculum, the Ph.D. student is responsible for completing required assignments for third-degree studies following university regulations, including courses in fundamental studies in Judaism, English, etc.

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