Academic Prep School

Academic prep schools collaborate with the Faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan.

The future is here.

In collaboration with Bar Ilan University's Faculty of Engineering, Academic Prep Schools have been established to empower candidates to enhance their knowledge and increase their prospects of pursuing an academic degree in engineering studies. The primary objective is to give students tools and learning habits at a high academic standard, fostering readiness for studies and ensuring their successful integration into the academic realm. These preparatory courses are conducted in a warm, personalized atmosphere, providing professional guidance and support.

Current offerings include:

Mathematics or/and Physics Prep Course (5 credits each):

They are tailored for candidates seeking admission to engineering studies in the upcoming academic year. Enhances grades in mathematics and physics, increasing eligibility for access to an engineering degree. Upon completion, exams in the taught subjects will be accepted as an alternative to matriculation grades at Bar-Ilan University (for those entitled to a matriculation certificate).

Graduates of the Preparatory School will be able to integrate into engineering studies for a bachelor's degree at Bar-Ilan University as early as the upcoming academic year, following the faculty's requirements.

The Faculty of Engineering will award a scholarship to students who will complete a 5-credit preparatory course in mathematics and/or a 5-credit introductory course in physics in the summer of 2023 and will be admitted to the Faculty of Engineering in 2024!

The scholarship amount for a math-focused preparatory school is five units - NIS 2,500.

The scholarship amount for a physics-focused preparatory school is five units - NIS 2,500.

The conditions for receiving a scholarship:

The scholarship will be given to those who meet all the following conditions:

  1. Completing a preparatory course in physics/mathematics with five credits successfully in 2023.
  2. Compliance with all admission requirements of the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University.
  3. Registration for engineering studies in the upcoming registration period (2024) - for electrical engineering, computer engineering, industrial engineering and information systems.
  4. Those with suitable data will also be able to study in combined programs in electrical engineering-music, electrical engineering-mathematics, and electrical engineering-physics.
  5. Full-time studies at the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University in 2024 only.
  6. The scholarship will be paid during the first year of undergraduate studies.

Dedicated Preparatory School for Engineering and Exact Sciences:

Targeted candidates - candidates not meeting admission requirements (e.g., lack of enrollment, low matriculation average).

The purpose of the preparatory school: the designated primary school certificate replaces the matriculation certificate for admission to the university (please note it does not replace the psychometric score).

Duration of the Preparatory School for Engineering and Exact Sciences: For nine months, you will be engaged in activities five days each week, totaling 35 hours per week.

Start date of studies: 15/10/2023

Graduation date: 06/28/2024 (not including exams)

The exam period will take place between June and July 2024


Mathematics at the level of 5 credits

Physics at the level of 5 credits

English at level 4/5 units

Academic writing

*There may be changes in the curriculum

Preparation Course for the Amiram Exam - Summer Semester 2024:

Targeted individuals scoring below 85 in the English section of the psychometric/Amiram exam or a score lower than 185 in the Amiram exam.

At the end of the course, the candidates will take the Amiram exam through the preparatory school.

Duration: Approximately two months.

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