Erasmus+ Student Exchange Program

Would you like to spend a semester studying abroad, enjoying the experience of studying in Europe while continuing  your engineering education? The Faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan invites you, our engineering students, to join the Erasmus student exchange program. The program enables you to study abroad, and the courses studied abroad will count toward the fulfillment of your degree requirements in Bar Ilan. Students accepted to the program will be entitled to a stipend which will help cover living expenses. Below you will find answers to  frequently asked questions concerning this exciting program.

Does a semester of study abroad benefit me?

Certainly! It provides an outstanding academic experience in which the student is exposed to an alternative academic culture. At other universities it will often be possible to take elective courses that are not offered in Bar Ilan and thus to expand your horizons. Living abroad will also expose you to additional cultural experiences and ways of thought.

Who is eligible for the program?

Any student meeting the following criteria is eligible for this program:

  1. Must be enrolled as a regular BSc  or MSc student.
  2. Must be at least a second year student upon entry to the program.
  3. Must have an average of at least 80.
  4. Must not have any disciplinary  or academic offenses.
  5. Must have completed of been exempted from the English language requirements.

 Applicants will be chosen by a a committee within the Faculty of Engineering (in  cooperation with the International School of Bar Ilan), based on the number of stipends available for the requested university abroad (varies from year to year) and based on the academic record of the applicants. Final approval of the exchange students and granting of the stipends is determined exclusively by the destination university.

How does one apply to the program?

The first step is to contact the International School of Bar Ilan to make a preliminary application. This is generally done 6-9 months before the intended travel date, but you should check the announcements on the International School website. The student must then choose a university aand design a program of study abroad.  The proposed program must then be approved by the academic advisors and track heads in the Faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan. The foreign university must then approve the program and the stipend.

Additional information is available on the International School’s website:

Information can also be obtained by email:

What is the best semester to study abroad?

Note that while abroad you will be expected to study 3-5 courses that are parallel to courses in your Bar Ilan program. These courses will count towards your degree in place of their equivalent courses in Bar Ilan. In order to not delay your degree, we recommend that your semester abroad be in the second year for Electrical Engineering, although it may be in the 3rd or 4th year if the university abroad  offers courses and conducts research in areas that overlap the tracks offered in the Faculty. For Computer Engineering, we recommend that the program be done in either the 3rd year or the first semester of the 4th year.

It is possible to do the program in other semesters, but he student is responsible for building a program of study that will not result in a delay of his/her degree eligibility.

Can the program be done over the summer semester?

In principle yes, but since 3-5 courses must be taken, it may be difficult to find a university that offers sufficient courses in English over the summer. However, it may be possible to combine the summer with the following Fall semester, or to do an industrial internship during the summer. Contact the International School for further information.  

 Will courses taken abroad count in place of the parallel required courses in Bar Ilan?

Yes, provided that the academic advisor has approved the program in advance.

Will spending a semester abroad delay my degree eligibility?

Not necessarily. Students who take 3-5 courses abroad that overlap courses given in the Faculty of Engineering should be able to complete their degree requirements on time.

What about the 4th year project?

The program does not remove the 4th year project requirement, which is an integral part of our program. In order to not delay  your degree, there are a number of options:

  1. You might begin your project during the summer.
  2. Where appropriate, the Bar Ilan project can be continued abroad via internet.
  3. A project can be done abroad in collaboration with the host university, provided that there is prior agreement with a laboratory  abroad  to accept you for a project that is  relevant to your academic program, and with the approval of your academic advisor in Bar Ilan.

Who, within the Faculty of Engineering, can advise me on the the construction of a program of study abroad?

The advisors are:

  1. Dr. Ran Gelles (Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Data Science)
  2. Dr. Shahar Alon (Electrical Engineering)

How does one locate participating universities, syllabuses, and other relevant academic information?

A list of participating universities is published by the international School an updated periodically. Here are the relevant universities for 2022-2023 for undergraduate studies (for graduate studies, see the complete list in the International School Website):

University Country Notes
University of Innsbruck Austria  
University of Zagreb Croatia Priority
University of Jyväskylä Finland  
University of Oulu Finland  
University of Strasbourg France Priority
University of Kassel Germany  
Brandenburg University of Technology Germany Priority
Technical University of Berlin Germany  
University of Erlangen-Nurnberg  Germany  
Széchenyi István University Hungary Priority
University of Brescia Italy Priority
 University of Pisa Italy  
University of Catania Italy  
Jaume I University Spain Priority

All participating universities list the courses that they offer on their websites, emphasizing those courses that are offered in English. It is the applicant’s responsibility to find the syllabuses of the courses in the proposed program of study. All courses require faculty approval to verify that they can replace an existing course (ie that the two syllabuses  have sufficient overlap)  or that the courses can serve as elective courses. Be sure that you fulfilled  the prerequisites of any course that you intend to take.

May I only take engineering courses?

No. Courses in other departments, such as physics, chemistry, math,  or computer science may be taken, provided that they are parallel and can replace required or elective courses in your Bar Ilan program, and with the approval of your advisor.

Must the courses abroad be in English?

No, you may take courses in any language in which you are fluent. Most institutions abroad offer courses in English, in addition to the local language.

Must I pay for courses abroad? Will I receive a stipend?

Your Bar Ilan tuition covers the cost of courses abroad. You will also receive a stipend to offset living expenses if you are selected for the program. The amount of the stipend depends on the host university.  Details concerning the stipend and method of payment can be obtained from the division of short student

Who will assist me at the university abroad?

All participating universities an office dedicated to providing assistance to students who arrive as part of the Erasmus exchange program. This office will help with problems related to living arrangements, transportation, etc. While the office will try to assist, the responsibility for finding an apartment remains with the  student. The Bar Ilan division for short programs and student exchange programs ( can provide contact information for the Erasmus office of the foreign institution.

How does one arrange for room and board abroad?

The student must organize the living arrangements and cover all related expenses. However, the student will receive a stipend that will cover at least some of these expenses, and technical assistance from the host university will also be available (see above)