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  • Quantum Engineering & Devices
  • Thermophotonic Devices
  • Novel Optoelectronic Materials & Devices
  • Transport in Nanostructures
  • Semiconductor Hetrostructures
  • Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers


Dr. Albo Asaf

  • Developing technologies for brain and cancer mapping
  • Developing bioinformatics tools for big data analysis
  • Developing optical and chemical methods for tissue characterization with super resolution
  • Automation of microscopic systems and biochemical reactions
  • Performing and analyzing high through put molecular measurements


Dr. Alon Shahar
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Heuristic Search
  • Multi-Agent Planning
  • Optimizing

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Atzmon Dor

  • Wireless and wired communication theory
  • Stochastic geometry and its use in communications
  •  Cache aided communication
  •  Optimization of communication networks
  •  Nano communications

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Bergel Itsik

  • Digital communication
  • Information theory

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Bross Shraga



  • Human Resources Analytics (HRA) & People Analytics (PA)
  • Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Organizations
  • Work Modeling & Analysis
  • New Forms of Work
  • Person-Skill Fit Model
  • Information Processing and Data Science
Dr. Chalutz - Ben  Gal Hila

  • quantum optics
  • quantum computation
  • advanced quantum measurements/quantum sensing
  • quantum information 


Dr. Cohen Eliahu

  • Online algorithms and competitive analysis
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Approximation algorithms
  • Scheduling and resource allocation

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Cohen Ilan Reuven

  • Design, learning, optimization and management of complex systems (projects, startups, service organizations, robot/sensor/human environments)

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Cohen Izack

  • Develop tools for rapid and highly sensitive detection of viruses and bacteria


Dr. Danielli Amos
  • Optoelectronic devices
  • Quantum optics
  • Quantum information science
  • Nano Photonics
  • Nanofabrication
  • Non linear optics
Electro-optics Dr. Desiatov Boris
  • Neural information processing
  • Neuroimaging of the human brain using multiple techniques (functional MRI, EEG, Electrocorticography)
  • Machine learning and development of computational methods for the analysis of neural signals
  • Mapping functional brain networks
  • Integration of multi-modal neural data
  • Development of techniques for functional brain mapping for clinical applications
Bio- engineering Dr. Yaara Erez

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer vision
  • Learning on graph structured data
  • Generative models

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Fetaya Ethan

  • Power reduction methodologies for high speed digital and mixed signal VLSI chips
  • Energy Efficient Memory arrays
  • Bio-medical circuits and systems
  • Energy efficient logic families
  • CMOS image sensors and applications
  • Hardware security
  • Circuits and Systems for quantum computation
  • Optical devices for logic and memory design in standard VLSI process
  • Circuits and systems for biomedical applications


Prof. Fish Alexander

  • Nano photonics
  • Fluorescence lifetime and anisotropy
  • Time resolve measurements
  • Biomolecular imaging
  • Advanced Communication protocols
  • Telephony (PSTN, PLMN, Cellular – GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, 5G, CDMA, 1X)


Prof. Fixler Dror

Temporal optics:
  • Temporal depth imaging
  • Time-lenses for orthogonal polarized input signals
  • Temporal super resolution methods
  • Full Stocks time-lenses
  • Temporal and spatial evolution of ultra-fast rogue waves
Fiber Devices:
  • Long period fiber gratings
  • Gold coated tapered fibers
  • Fiber micro-knots
Fiber lasers:
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Graphen
  • Topological insulators


Prof. Fridman Moti

  • Single microphone speech enhancement and source separation
  • Array processing techniques for source localization and acquisition and noise reduction. Application to speech enhancement, echo cancellation, and dereveberation
  • Recursive Bayesian and non-Bayesian inference with application to speech processing
  • System identification techniques and adaptive filtering
  • Speech Processing for Hearing Aid Devices
  • Distributed algorithms for wireless and ad hoc microphone arrays
  • Data-driven methods (e.g. manifold learning, deep learning) in speech processing

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Gannot Sharon

  • Coding Theory
  • Distributed Computing
  • Interactive Protocols and Communication
  • Fault-Tolerance in Computation
  • Cryptography
  • Quantum Computation

Computer engineering

Dr. Gelles Ran

  • Deep learning and its applications

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Goldberger Jacob
  • Computational Materials
  • Electronic structure theory
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Nanomaterials
  • 2D materials
  • Light matter interactions.
Nano-Electronics Dr. Goldzak Mizrachi Tamar
  • Approximation algorithms 
  • Stochastic/data-driven optimization and decision making under uncertainty
  • Dynamic programming
  • Inventory theory
  • Supply chain management
Information Processing and Data Science Dr. Halman Nir

  • Cryptography and secure multi-party computation (MPC)
  • Scalable asymptotic and practical efficiency of MPC
  • Zero-knowledge proof systems

Computer engineering

Prof. Hazay Carmit

  • Single cell genomics
  • Cancer genomics
  • Computational biology


Prof. Kalisky Tomer

  • Deep Learning

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Keller Yosi

  • Coding for computer systems
  • Circuit level countermeasures against side channel attacks
  • Coding for reliable and secure nano-computation channels
  • Spectral methods and their application in logic design and testing
  • Concurrent error detection and fault tolerant design

Computer engineering

Prof. Keren Osnat

  • Formal Verification and Synthesis: Verification of autonomous systems, Program synthesis
  • Visual Languages: Design and Analysis of Reactive Systems
  • Biological Computation: Biological Computers and Computation in Living Systems
  • Developmental Systems: Stem cells and Whole tissue and organism models

Computer engineering

Prof. Kugler Hillel

  • Cooperative Learning
  • Applications of Game Theory to Networks
  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty *Learning in Networks
  • Communication and Sensor Networks *Wireless Communication
  • Single Processing in Networks

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Leshem Amir

  • Designing secure hardware
  • Theoretical and practical security evaluation of hardware systems
  • Advanced (hardware and software) attacks algorithms
  • hardware/software implementation of cryptographic algorithms and systems
  • Designing efficient building blocks such as randomness generators or other primitives
  • Low-energy and/or high-performance implementation on ASIC/FPGAs/uCs

Computer engineering

Dr. Levi Itamar

  • Light-matter interactions
  • Nano-optics and Nano-photonics
  • Developing subwavelength meta-devices and meta-lenses for LIDAR, Imaging, Sensing, Holography etc.
  • Electro-optics in Two dimensional and Quantum materials.
  • Polaritons
  • Infrared Nanospectroscopy 


Dr. Lewi Tomer
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Applications
  • Feature Extraction and Selection
  • Learning from Biomedical Data


Information Processing and Data Science Dr. Ofir Lindenbaum

  • Digital humanities
  •  Social Networks
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Digital Literature
  • Digital Analysis of Movies
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Narrative
  • Distributed Computing
  • Communication Networks
  • Online Algorithms
  • Sensor Networks

Computer engineering

Prof. Lotker Zvi

  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Quantum learning

Computer engineering

Dr. Makmal Adi

  • D2 Materials: Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices
  • Growth and Characterization of 2D Materials
  • Quantum Materials and Devices


Prof. Naveh Doron

  • Theory of Reliable Hardware Design, and Fault-Tolerant Systems.
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Online Algorithms (Packet Routing, Virtual Circuit Routing, Virtual Networks, Software-Defined Networks, Paging)
  • Approximation Algorithms (Network Orientation, Wireless Networks, Packet Routing)
  • Distributed and Centralized Local Algorithms (Network Optimization, Load Balancing, Social Networks, Property Testing).

Computer engineering

Dr. Medina Moti

  • Interference Mitigation in wireless communications networks
  • Estimation theory, Bound on estimation error
  • Cooperative and Competitive *Spectrum management in wireless networks
  • Signal processing for communications
  • Signal processing for biology

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Noam Yair

  • Smart nanotechnologies for biological and medical applications
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of disease 
  • Targeted drug delivery
  • Molecular CT imaging
  • Nanotechnology combining cell therapy and exosome therapy
  • Integrated biosensors for in vivo detection of biological events


Prof. Popovtzer Rachela

  • Network algorithms
  • Approximation algorithms
  • Distributed computing
  • Online algorithms
  • Scheduling and resource allocation

Computer engineering

Prof. Rawitz Dror

  • Machine Learning Theory 
  • Differential Privacy
  • Algorithms
  • Algorithmic Game Theory

Computer engineering

Dr. Sheffet Or

  • Studying the nervous system at the single cell level and systems for neuronal regeneration
  • Tissue engineering and Neuro-engineering - 3D cell-integrated systems
  • Nanotechnologies for therapeutics, magnetic nanoparticles as drug and cell carriers
  • Development of biolistic setups as gene guns, robotic systems
  • Development of brain-device and neuron-device interfaces


Prof. Shefi Orit

  • Sensor Interfaces for physical parameters, such as temperature voltage, current, process, etc
  •  Voltage Droop Detectors
  • Ultra Low-Power and Low Voltage *Analog Circuits
  • Methodologies and building blocks for analog circuits in pure digital processes
  • Area-scaling of analog circuits
  • Power management Circuits, such as LDO's, Voltage Regulators, and DC-to-DC converters
  •  Security Circuits, such as Physical *Uncloneable Functions (PUF)
  • Energy-Efficient Circuits
  • Novel Memory Circuits
  • High Frequency Circuits
  • Microsensors


Prof. Shor Joseph

  • Machine learning and business analytics
  • Human resource analytics
  • Applications of information theory to industrial and service systems
  • Modeling and solution methods for optimal control problems in stochastic environment

Industrial Engineering, Data Science

Dr. Singer Gonen

  • Information Theory
  • Channel Coding and Mismatched *Decoding
  •  Cognitive Networks
  •  Communication with side information
  •  Information-Theoretic Secrecy in *Wireless Networks
  • Communication Theory
  • Networks and Multiuser *Communication
  • Cooperative Communication
  • Watermarking and Information Hiding
  • Prediction and Filtering

Information Processing and Data Science

Prof. Somekh-Baruch Anelia

  • VLSI Integrated Circuit Design
  • Embedded Memory Design
  • Efficient Digital Circuit and *Accelerator Design
  • Physical implementation of *Integrated Circuits
  • Efficient hardware for artificial intelligence
  • Open hardware research based on the RISC-V architecture


Prof. Teman Adam
  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning): Theory and Applications
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Optimization
  • Inverse Problems
Information Processing and Data Science Dr. Tirer Tom

  • Computer graphics
  • Digital geometry processing

Computer engineering

Prof. Weber Ofir

  • Statistical signal processing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Array signal processing
  • Estimation theory
  • Localization
  • Communication systems
  • Blind Source separation
  • Statistical Inference
  • Applications of machine learning
Information Processing and Data Science Dr. Weiss Amir

  • Biological applications of light microscopy
  • Nuclear forensics
  • Image processing and analysis applied to microscopy


Prof. Weiss Aryeh

  • Cryptography
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems
  • Probabilistic Proof Systems
  • Secure Computation in the RAM model
  • Secure Multi-Party Computation

Computer engineering

Dr. Weiss Mor

  • Development of computational tools for analysis of big biological data
  • Analysis of adaptive immune receptor repertoire sequencing data
  • applications of data analysis in sports and finance


Prof. Yaari Gur
  • Federated learning networks

  • Resilience and control in distributed networks

  • Random networks

  • Data processing, detection, and statistical inference

  • Applications of information theory

Information Processing and Data Science Dr. Yemini Michal

  • Optical Communication
  •  Optical Signal Processing
  •  Lasers
  •  Electro-Optic Devices.



Prof. Zadok Avinoam

  • Information theoretic aspects of practically oriented communication system models
  • Cooperative joint processing in cellular communications systems
  • Applications of random matrix theory and statistical physics in communication and information theory

Information Processing and Data Science

Dr. Zaidel Benjamin

  • Super resolution
  • Biomedical sensing
  • Nanophotonics
  • Optical fibers
  • Optical data processing


Prof. Zalevsky Zeev