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The Alexander Kopfkin Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University stands out as a frontrunner in Israel. It is recognized for excellently training engineers and cultivating a pool of scientists with expansive, contemporary knowledge. Graduates seamlessly integrate into advanced technological industries and academia across diverse fields. The faculty prioritizes providing profound theoretical insights and offers a range of innovative study programs that equip students for upcoming challenges, encouraging exceptional individuals to pursue advanced studies and join the faculty's research groups.

At the forefront of scientific research and the application of cutting-edge technologies, the faculty remains up-to-date with the latest innovations. Our faculty members are esteemed graduates of prestigious institutions worldwide and boast a professional, dynamic, and youthful atmosphere. These researchers, including internationally recognized figures with prestigious awards, contribute to the faculty's global reputation.

Engineering studies occur in a complex of modern equipment and the latest technologies. Advanced laboratories, such as the super-resolution and imaging laboratory, robotics laboratory, integrated circuits and VLSI laboratory, nanoelectronics devices laboratory, and hardware security and speech processing laboratories, are unparalleled in Israel. The electronic library is regularly updated with the best books, publications, and prestigious journals globally.

Beyond rigorous academic pursuits, every student receives personalized and professional attention, creating an environment known for its character and vibrant social life.

Our Engineering Department offers first-degree studies in the following programs:

Why Choose Engineering at Bar Ilan?

  • Academic Faculty Members with an International Reputation
  • State-of-the-Art Laboratories
  • Personalized Treatment and Professional Support
  • Opportunities for Continuing Studies at Advanced Degrees
  • Unique Research Areas

Assistance in Placement in Attractive Positions in Leading Companies. For a free consultation and more information about engineering studies, contact us.


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