Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with a quantum major

The Quantum Engineering major builds upon the foundation of the esteemed electrical engineering program, integrated with physics, leveraging the university's robust knowledge centers in electro-optics, nanotechnology, signal processing, communication, and, notably, quantum technology. Its distinction lies in its multidisciplinary, diverse, and innovative approach.

This major is designed to equip students with scientific and technological proficiency in quantum engineering, emphasizing the development of skills essential for researching, developing, and operating diverse quantum systems in industry and academia. Graduates will attain comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge, finely tuned for quantum science and technology, while remaining applicable in more traditional engineering domains. The major encompasses various fields of expertise, including electrical engineering, computer and communication engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, and materials science. Consequently, Quantum Engineering program graduates will possess foundational skills, positioning them to compete for prominent roles across industries and seamlessly integrate into cutting-edge research at leading universities.

The program offers two specialized tracks for graduates: Quantum Sensing (with a focus on electro-optics) and Quantum Computation (focusing on computer and communication engineering).

The Degree: Upon completion, graduates will receive a graduate certificate in "electrical engineering," with the major's name not specified on the certificate.

The Quantum Engineering major is an innovative and comprehensive educational pathway, uniquely positioned at the intersection of multiple disciplines to meet the evolving demands of quantum technology and its applications.