Screening Tests in English and Hebrew

All prospective university applicants must undergo the screening test in English as part of the psychometric test, Amir (English screening test), or Amiram (computerized English screening test).

The primary purpose of this test is to assess the candidate's proficiency in the English language, ensuring that it meets the university's admission standards and appropriately placing the candidate in a course according to their English language level.

Scores obtained in this test are transmitted to the chosen institutions securely and organized during the registration process. If students or applicants have any inquiries regarding the screening test, they are encouraged to contact the student admissions section for assistance.

Individuals interested in more information or with inquiries about the screening test can reach out to the Service and Recruitment Center.

Those wishing to take the Amiram or Yaelnet (Hebrew language knowledge computerized) exam can visit the Malo website. They can choose the exam center of their preference and receive immediate placement independently.

It's important to note that there should be a minimum wait period of 35 days between any two tests in the screening exam for English levels (Amir/Amiram) and between any two tests in the Hebrew screening exam (Yael/Yaelnet). This ensures a fair and systematic approach to the testing process.

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