Location: Building 1105 Rooms 367-368.

Mission: These laboratories support to the EECS undergraduate teaching laboratory courses for the EE and CE undergraduate curricula.

Description: The laboratory in room 368 is the largest instructional laboratory in the faculty of engineering. The laboratory hosts the following 6 compulsory or electives courses and serves 18 sections of students during the academic year. The teaching staff includes of 18 graduate instructors under academic supervision. The laboratory offers 22 workstations each of which equipped with networked computer platform, digital oscilloscope, function generator, dual DC variable voltage supply, digital multi-meters as well as the components required to build digital and analog circuits. The computer networked platform provides simulation tools like MATLAB, Keil μVision, PSpice, Quartus II and so on. Room 367 is an electronics teaching labs workshop which provides technical support.

Table of practical courses:
Course* Course Number Track Academic Supervisor Year
Introduction to Electrical Engineering 83-248 EE &CE Prof. Aryeh Weiss 2
Laboratory in basics of semiconductor devices 83-243 EE Prof. Aryeh Weiss 2
Microcontroller Laboratory 83-305 EE &CE Prof. Shlomo Engelberg 3
Digital Electronic Circuits Lab 83-315 EE &CE Dr. Cecile Yehezkel 3
Analog Circuits Laboratory 83-325 EE Prof. Aryeh Weiss 3

* Course descriptions are available on the Bar-Ilan Highlearn site