Prof. Gur Yaari

+972-3-738 4051
building 1105 office 469
Reception Hours
Tuesdays 8:00-9:00

Our lab develops computational and statistical tools to process and analyze high-throughput biological data. The research is multidisciplinary and involves elements from mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, biology, and medicine. Our primary focus is on the adaptive immune system from a system/repertoire perspective. In particular, we are interested in understanding lymphocyte (T and B cells) repertoire dynamics in healthy individuals as well as in illness states such as infections, autoimmune diseases, aging, and cancer. We apply advanced molecular biology methods to produce large sequencing data sets of human lymphocyte receptors and analyze them using dedicated computational pipelines, in order to obtain meaningful biological insights into the adaptive immune system.

Last Updated Date : 04/12/2022