Farsighted The technology developed by Dr. Ofer Limon provides vision solutions for 2.5 billion people around the world

Six Over Six, headed by Dr. Ofer Limon, is based on breakthrough technology which performs full optometric testing by means of a software application alone.

"We developed the technology thanks to a different kind of observation of optics and physics than what has been accepted up till now, and out of a deep understanding of optics and years of experience working alongside optometrists," he said. "Our technology enables people to perform the same optometric measurements on their mobile phones, at a time convenient to them, and without leaving their homes, and to use e-commerce platforms to purchase glasses for distance vision”.

Dr. Limon received his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in the first graduating class of what was then called the School of Engineering at Bar Ilan. "I actually like the use of the word ‘school’ since the relationships formed between students and staff were truly exceptional within the context of teaching and providing tools, and for seeing people as equals. As an example of this, I can mention the way in which Professor Zeev Zalevski  gave us not only scientific and engineering tools at the highest level, but opened up my mind  to new directions at the forefront of technology. He served as a role model on a personal level too, and helped me believe in my capacity to fulfill myself, and in my ability to create new things, limited only by my imagination. I doubt if there are other places in Israel - or anywhere -  which have succeeded in imparting a love for science in such a way."

After completing his bachelor's degree, Dr. Limon worked for several years at Intel and continued on to his doctorate in electro-optics under the supervision of Professor Zalevski in the Faculty of Engineering. "I acquired countless tools which enabled me to get a deep, focused and systematic perspective on subjects connected with optics and electricity in general, and especially the ability to believe in myself,  to bring forth an idea from concept formulation, through to testing and then to production, and to begin to grow and develop the entrepreneurial setting." After completing his doctorate, he joined a small start-up in the field of optics. Subsequently, he founded Six Over Six, together with a friend.

Dr. Limon's vision, which comprises a well-defined business and profit model, has a philanthropic element as well. "There are 2.5 billion people in the world who do not have access to vision solutions. In places like China, for example, there is a total of 5000 optometrists for the whole population which amounts to over one billion people," he says. "We not only allow them access to optometric measurements, but we also work with international bodies which can provide them with free glasses, with lenses based on our measurements. We believe that every person has the right to see well. The ability to see well is one of the parameters which can help them to become a productive community, to complete their studies and to acquire a profession. In this way, we are working to advance equality of opportunities worldwide."