Open and Supportive for Students Dr. Shmulik Markowitz-Golan chose the Faculty of Engineering due to its leading research teams, and because it provides close relationship with lecturers

Dr. Markowitz-Golan, 36, completed three degrees in electrical engineering, specializing in  speech signal processing. He is currently working on his post-doctorate. “In processing speech signals, we improve signals coming from microphones, which are a mixture of speech and noise. We try to reduce noise, distortions and disturbances, and produce a clearer, higher-quality signal. The uses are diverse: cellphone conversations, tablets and computers, and vocal control of systems”, he says. “I love this field. It’s challenging, consists of a lot of theory, and requires deep understanding. In addition, it’s perceptible. Vocal processing, as well as image and video processing, are fields in which you can really hear and see the effect of the algorithm”.

Dr. Markowitz-Golan completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Technion. During his studies for his M.A, he met Prof. Sharon Ganot from the Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan. Professor Ganot became his supervisor, together with Prof. Israel Cohen from the Technion. He continued to work on his Doctorate, this time at Bar Ilan, with the same supervisors. He is currently working at Intel, as an Audio Algorithm Team leader, while at the same time working on his post-doctorate, jointly supervised by Prof. Ganot and Prof. Walter Klerman of FAU in Erlangen, Germany. “I came to the Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan because it has an excellent research team specializing in speech signal processing, headed by Prof. Sharon Ganot, a world leader in the field”, he says. “Moreover, this is a young faculty that reaches out to the students and is open and well-disposed towards them. At Bar Ilan, the relationship with the lecturers is closer, and less formal. You can come to seek advice and readily receive help. That is why I chose to continue my post-doctorate at the Faculty of Engineering.”