A New Program for Excelling Students at the Faculty of Engineering


The 700 Points Club offers scholarships and academic mentoring by BIU’s Faculty of Engineering’s leading lecturers and by leading industry professionals to excelling students – male and especially female

With the opening of the 2018/9 academic year, the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University launched a program for excelling students – the 700 Points Club, a joint initiative with KLA Tencor Israel. The program is aimed to advance students – especially female – who earned a 700+ grade in the psychometric exam (Israel’s equivalent of the SAT’s, maximum grade – 800). “The percentage of female engineering students is significantly low of that of male students, and not just at Bar-Ilan,” says Dina Yeminy, Administrative Head of the Faculty of Engineering. “We make every effort in encouraging women to choose this field of study. All the students, male and female, accepted into this club, will enjoy a range of benefits and perks, such as scholarships donated by KLA-Tencor, field training alongside industry leaders, and academic mentoring by our world renowned researchers.”

The first class of this unique program includes 31 scholarship recipients, 19 of which are women. In an festive event to launch the program, Prof. Ephraim Zehavi, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at BIU, said that “By offering this scholarships to future engineers, KLA-Tencor is a role model of an involved, caring industry, acting to benefit the future of Israeli industry and the State of Israel.”

Uri Tadmor, President of the company’s Israel offices, noted that “KLA-Tencor made it its goal to support and encourage academic excellence in engineering, by helping female and male students, Israel’s future generation of researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs.”

Students Hagar Kafri and Eilon Kohan, representing that “future generation”, said: “In offering these scholarships, KLA plants seeds at Bar-Ilan’s Faculty of Engineering. The money and resources this technological corporation chose to invest in us, were gained by years of hard work, and thanks to we the students are able to gain academic and professional knowledge and enrich Israel’s thriving high tech industry, and contribute to the country’s growth and security, thus providing KLA a return on its investment.”

Kafri and Kohen also thanked the faculty’s researchers and administrative staff, and specifically noted the Administrative Head Dina Yeminy, “who works tirelessly, with care and determination, to make sure each and every student will get a true chance to succeed.”