Dr. Tomer Lewi – Trying to Beat Nature

Dr. Tomer Lewi, an expert in Nano Photonics and Flat Optics at Bar-Ilan’s University Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering, shares his experience with metamaterials and their applications, which may enable the replacement of classic optical elements with flat ones.

The interaction between light and matter is the focus of research for Dr. Tomer Lewi, of Bar-Ilan’s Faculty of Engineering. “I am interested in the interaction between light and metamaterials or quantum materials,” explains Lewi. “Why? Two reasons. Firstly, because it’s interesting on the physical level.  New phenomena arising suddenly, exciting new functions. Secondly, these materials are used to develop a new type of technology called Flat Optics, aiming to replace all the classic optical elements, such as lenses, mirrors, beam splitters and such, with flat elements – nanostructures designed for specific functions.”