Learn to succeed

36 year old Dr. Assaf Elovic, married and father of three living in Petah Tiqwa, is a Faculty of Engineering alumnus. Today, Elovic works as a physicist at Nova’s CTO group, which develops measurement systems for the semiconductor industry that allow users to command and control specific stages of the computer chip manufacturing process immediately upon their creation, without waiting for the chip manufacturing to be completed.

“I earned my BSc in physics from Bar Ilan,” he shares. “After my military service, I returned to Bar Ilan and joined the Faculty of Engineering, where I earned my master’s and PhD in electrical engineering. My supervisor was Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, and my research focus was on developing methods of super-resolution. Prof. Zeev Zalevsky was a fountainhead of ideas. Nearly all of our meetings ended in an idea for a new paper. Over the years, I learned how to research, write papers, and present at conferences. I’ve also taught several bachelor's and advanced courses at the Faculty. I loved teaching; it helped me improve my public speaking skills. I think the students enjoyed it, too…

“I would like to thank Prof. Dror Fixler who advised me on different matters over the years and taught me the importance of profound focus in research. The Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan helped me establish and structure my research capabilities, which I use daily in the industry.”