The Faculty was a platform for self-realization

Meet 27 year old Tamar Viclizki from Ramat Hasharon, Faculty of Engineering alumnus now working as an algorithm engineer at Verint. The role is mostly classified, but what we can reveal is that she’s working in a department that covers the biggest buzz in the online arena.

“For me, the faculty was a platform for self-realization,” she recalls. “I enjoyed the curriculum, which touched on a variety of content worlds. Computer engineering was the convergence of electrical engineering and computer science, particularly the five tracks I touched upon in various courses – bio, nano, signals, communication, and computers. I felt like every idea or topic I wanted to learn beyond the curriculum, I could get from other faculties, and was encouraged to do so by the staff. I was particularly excited when I was able to use the opportunity and open a "she codes;" branch at the Faculty of Engineering, a model for all other faculties at Bar Ilan, attracting women from all over the area.

“My studies were intensive, but I got to meet some quality people and even my current partner. Some of my teachers have truly left their mark and gave me the motivation to touch upon many disciplines; I even asked some of them for recommendation letters. In fact, I was so impressed with the Faculty of Engineering that I’ve decided to start my MSc at Bar Ilan, under the supervision of Dr. Hillel Kugler.

“The faculty taught me the value of doing, excellence, and comradery. I recommend students to choose to attend Bar Ilan for the versatility of classes and tracks that can open up doors to many worlds in the industry – and all in a pleasant academic atmosphere.