Seeking a student specializing in chemistry, physics, or engineering, with proven technical skills, for research on the sustainability of materials in solar cells and sustainable energy in general, at Prof. Cahen/Zaban’s lab at the nano institute. The position requires a minimum commitment of 10 weeks (net).

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Seeking outstanding MA and PhD students for an innovative nanomedicine project at Prof. Rachela Popovtzer’s lab. This fascinating multidisciplinary research requires students with initiative, motivation, and creativity. Generous scholarships will be provided for suitable students.

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Seeking students for audio applications in Python at Prof. Sharon Ganot’s lab. As part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 SPRING project, the lab is developing applications for a robot designed to aid the elderly in outpatient clinics.

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Prof. Amir Leshem is seeking a research assistant for a project in experimental validation of computing models of false information distribution in social networks. The position is available for exceptional fourth-year and master’s students, precedence will be given to students who have taken or are taking the course Mathematical Techniques for Network Analysis. Candidates should send CV and transcripts to Ms. Naama Nivron

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Prof. Amir Leshem’s group:
We are looking for excellent students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) for research in the field of machine learning over networks and multi-agent learning. Students with an excellent track record in algebra and probability are invited to apply. A second opening in the field of statistical estimation theory is also available for Ph.D students. Good programming skills in Python are a plus
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The "Quantum Machine Learning" group of Adi Makmal is looking for outstanding M.Sc. and Ph.D. students from Math, Engineering, Physics, and CS, for exciting and novel research about implementing and analyzing reinforcement learning models (in which learning occurs due interaction with a rewarding environment( upon a quantum computer. Strong analytical thinking is a plus.
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Prof. Rachela Popovzer's research group:  Our lab is seeking a Master's student for a fascinating project involving the development of a biosensor for the microbiome. The biosensor is intended to be implanted inside the body and sense bacterial communication, for the detection and treatment of various diseases.
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Tomer Kalisky’s research group is studying single-cell genomics in development, regeneration, and cancer using computational data analysis and machine learning algorithms. We are hiring graduate students for M.Sc. and Ph.D. positions. Qualifications: a strong background in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, or computational biology. Excellent undergraduate students are also are encouraged to apply.
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Izack Cohen's Research Group – If you have (or going to have soon) a BSc/MSc in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Information Systems Engineering, Data Science, and if your achievements were excellent so far - be in touch to check your candidacy to research with us. Our research focuses on two data science and modeling themes: 1) Complex process mining based on inputs from video and other sensors. The research involves process mining, process discovery, activity recognition, machine learning, and AI. An ideal candidate will have a background in programming and machine learning. 2) Decision-making models under uncertainty
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Eli Cohen’s research group, specializing in quantum science and technology, is looking for an administrative assistant and/or lab manager for a part-time job. Prior knowledge in quantum mechanics/quantum information/quantum optics is required only for the latter. Remote work is possible.
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Socially Pertinent Robots in Gerontological Healthcare - SPRING - Prof. Sharon Ganot research Group
Prof. Sharon Ganot is currently seeking doctoral and post-doctoral students with a strong background in statistical signal processing and machine learning to join his team. Experience in audio signal processing and high programming skills – an advantage.
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Differential privacy – Or Sheffet’s research group
Differential privacy is the design of data-analyzing algorithms while maintaining the privacy of the data listings. We’re looking for students on all levels, from BSc to post-doc, who are bright a motivated, with a mathematical background (emphasis on algorithm development and probability) from the fields of engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or operations research.

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Nano-optics and meta materials – Tomer Levi’s research group
A new lab at Bar Ilan, researching nano-optics and meta materials, is seeking highly motivated, excellent students and post-doctoral students wishing to partake in a groundbreaking interdisciplinary research in a field combining optics on a nanometric scale with meta material engineering.

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Process mining and identifying complex actions – Izack Cohen’s research group
We offer research in complex process identification, process discovery, and process mining that combine process modeling and data science. The group is suitable for excellent students in the field of industry engineering and management, computer science/engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, information systems engineering, data and information engineering, and related subjects.

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Process modeling and mining lab – Gonen Singer’s research group
For research combining mathematic models in process mining alongside machine learning algorithms and complex process analysis. We’re looking for masters and doctoral students with a strong mathematical background and programming skills who are curious and creative.

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Quantum machine learning – Adi Makmal’s research group
Quantum machine learning is a new interdisciplinary research field which explores how quantum computing can be used to improve learning processes and vice versa. We’re looking for postdocs and excellent MSc and PhD students in mathematics, engineering, physics, and computer science, for a variety of interesting and groundbreaking studies. If you’re curious, talented, creative and hard-working, and have a passion for quantum computing theory and/or machine learning, contact us!

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