Run with us

Run with us

Meet EngineeRUN, the Faculty of Engineering’s running club. Running meets are currently held twice a week and include laps around the campus, but club founders Dr. Itamar Levi and Prof. Adam Teman have bigger plans in mind.

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New winds are blowing in the faculty hallways (or more precisely, the circular track surrounding it): the winds of sports. This is all thanks to the Faculty’s new running club, EngineeRUN, initiated by Dr. Itamar Levi, Udi Kara, and Prof. Adam Teman. “Our goal is to first of all enjoy and make room for those who share the passion for running,” wrote the founders in a message to the Faculty’s students and staff. “The idea is to create a space for experienced and novice runners, those who want to give it a try and those who just need a little motivational push.” The club took off in early April, and currently holds two weekly meetings: Mondays with Dr. Levi in the early morning, and Thursday evenings with either Prof. Teman or Mr. Kara. “The group allows for a slow, gradual start for all levels,” stresses Dr. Levi. “The training routine was created in rounds: runners who gain the foundation can leave after one or two laps, but I promise to challenge experienced runners as well. Our ultimate goal is to reach a balanced lifestyle, create a regular training routine and together – maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Levi says that running for him is a prerequisite for achieving a healthy balance – but claims that the idea actually came from Prof. Orit Sheffy. “Prof. Sheffy knows that I have been a running buff for many years. So she innocently asked why I haven’t started a running group for our Faculty,” shares Levi. “As they say, don’t preach to the choir… as soon as she suggested the idea, it was easy to set things in motion.” Next, Levi turned to Prof. Adam Teman and Udi Kara, who for two years have headed a different sports activity for members of the Faculty of Engineering, a smaller group that mainly met at Yarkon Park. “As soon as we came up with the idea for the club, we realized that the goal is to make things convenient for our students and researchers – we are driven by our love of running and there is no reason for us not to have somewhere to run near our workplace,” says Dr. Levi. “Secondly, we wanted to provide a place for all levels, something that both beginners and experienced runners can enjoy. Together, we realized, we could provide a stable and regular routine twice a week.”

The Faculty’s running club starts with round-campus laps (approximately 3.5–3k each). At the end of each lap, runners at different levels can stop to build up their stamina and get stronger. The first lap is slow (6–6.5 minutes/km), enabling newcomers to pace themselves, and increases with each lap, in order to challenge the more experienced runners. “As far as I’m concerned, I keep going until our ‘strongest’ runner of the day tells me they’ve had enough. That way everybody gets something out of it.” declares Levi. “We’ll keep going inside the campus until we have a big enough team, and once people feel comfortable – we’re out of the campus! To the convenient trails here in Givat Shmuel.”

Dr. Levi had been an amateur runner for many years, and especially likes long-distance running, “it’s the love of quiet and of feeling your body.” Running, he says, creates a good balance for our busy day-to-day life, “so I don’t see why not sweep more people to enjoy it, those who had less exposure to running and experienced runners as well, in order to challenge one another.” Later in the semester, he promises, club members will enjoy the presence of the celebrated runner, Dean Prof. Ze’ev Zalevsky himself, and by the end of the semester, they plan to do a half marathon or even a marathon. “For those who keep at it,” says Dr. Levi, “I volunteer to create a personalized training routine to fit their level.”

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Last Updated Date : 14/04/2021