Olé, Bergamo

אולה ברגמו
Prof. Ze’ev Zalevsky

A new academic collaboration with the University of Bergamo and funded by an Erasmus+ grant was launched with a five-day visit of our Faculty team

Last month, a Faculty of Engineering delegation headed by dean Prof. Ze’ev Zalevsky and Head of the Faculty, Ms. Dina Yamini, visited the University of Bergamo in northern Italy. The five-day visit is part of a new collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and our sister-faculty in Bergamo, made possible thanks to an Erasmus+ grant. “This goal of the visit was to explore possible academic collaborations between the faculties, research collaborations, and joint EU grant applications, as well as student exchange opportunities,” says Prof. Zalevsky.

The EU’s Erasmus+ program is designed to encourage academic collaborations between institutions, sponsoring, among many other things, student and staff exchanges. “Forming mutual research bonds is ongoing work that takes time and procedures,” explains Prof. Zalevsky. “The next stage would be to send students on an exchange program – whether it’s third-year students going on a summer semester, or MA student exchange. Our goal is to promote applications to EU grants and attract international research students to work at Bar Ilan University.”

The Faculty of Engineering proudly collaborates with 20 academic institutions across Europe and aspires to expand this list and academic collaborations. “We used this visit as an opportunity to visit the University of Rome and meet with their Dean of Erasmus Affairs,” Prof. Zalevsky informed, “we will be trying to apply for a joint Erasmus grant with them as well.”

Last Updated Date : 09/08/2021