MASA – A Journey through the Faculty of Engineering

MASA – A Journey through the Faculty of Engineering

Late last month, the Faculty of Engineering brought together 37 young French men and women who are currently part of the MASA Progress program and are considering relocating to Israel and studying here.

During their visit, they learned about Bar-Ilan and its top position in the academic vista in Israel and the world. They were presented with the International Program, taught in English, as well as BA studies in Hebrew, registration processes, and different programs offered, such as French Culture Studies or Engineering. The party then took a tour of four engineering labs. “We’ve been craving face-to-face interaction with youths who have their heart set on relocating and studying in Israel. We wanted to give them a glimpse of these rich worlds of knowledge and research. What’s even more exciting, they were sincerely curious and asked a lot of questions,” recounts Yael Toledano, Director of Academic Relations. She said that most of the visitors mentioned being interested in engineering, communications, and political science. “I want to thank the Faculty of Engineering for the location and inspiration, the staff that welcomed us, Dr. Avi Shelly, and the lab teams.”

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Last Updated Date : 20/01/2022