We said yes!

We said yes!

Tal Dvora, A student at Industrial Engineering and Information Systems program, tells us about the proposal video that has the entire country in tears of joy

Capt. (Res) Tal Dvora wasn’t planning on spending these past few weeks in Kzi’ot. She certainly never dreamed that a video featuring her would become a viral internet sensation, with over a million views on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. All she wanted was to start the school year, find a job and move in with her boyfriend, Sahar. The horrid acts of terrorism by Hamas botched these plans, and Tal and Sahar, reserve officers, were both called to service. “From the moment we got here, the war took its toll and we started talking about getting engaged after the war ends. But I felt like there’s no point in waiting. I don’t care if it happens now or a few months from now—I’m sure of my choices and I know it’s the real deal.”

She’s 25, from Rishon Lezion, about to start her third year at the Industrial Engineering and Information Systems program. She met Sahar Cohen (27), an electrical engineering student, right here at the Faculty. “We met through a mutual friend who’s in my class. Sahar asked him about me, and he matched us up. We started dating about 10 months ago, In January 2023. Things were going well, we were constantly together, Sahar was practically living with me, with my family, and we started talking about moving in together. When we were called up, and I realized I didn’t want to wait, I brought up the idea with my battalion. When my commander herd, he just started rolling with it, and set up a whole production. He booked a place in Kibbutz Tze’elim, printed out a huge photo of us, and the girls here at the situation room made banners. He even got a singer, Yonatan Kalimi, to sing especially for us. He sent me to Be’er Sheva ro buy a ring at a jewelry store that opened just for me, and I contacted our families and friends who came to Tze’elim.”

And all this time Sahar, who is situated in one of the communities in Otef Aza, was clueless. “We spoke to his battalion commander who told us to speak to his company sergeant, and they told him he’s going on a special mission in Tze’elim. He rode in in an armored vehicle, helmet and vest and all, and when he walked in he suddenly saw all of us, and his parents gave him a ring they bought for me. When I took out my ring he said, ‘no, me first,’ and he got on one knee, and we exchanged rings, it was incredibly moving.”

In a country that’s starving for good news, Tal and Sahar’s proposal video took the internet by storm and received over a million views and thousands of comments across all social media platforms. For the time being, he’s back with his battalion and she’s back with hers. “We don’t know when we’ll see each other again,” says Tal.

Watch the videos and wish the happy couple all the best.

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Last Updated Date : 31/10/2023