Outstanding Couple

When Dr. Tali Ilovitsh was just starting out and was still undecided about the best place for her to study, she asked Dina Yamini, Head of the Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan University, why she should choose the Faculty. Dina assured her that she would not have any regrets, both professionally and personally. Nine years later, as she set off for a post-doctorate at the University of California, Davis, she was joined by her husband, Dr. Asaf Ilovitsh, whom she met in the corridors of the Faculty, and by her three little children.

Dr. Tali Ilovitsh, age 27, completed her BSc with distinction, her MSc in an accelerated program, and her PhD in Electrical Engineering at Bar Ilan University. Her research dealt with developing innovative methods in the field of microscopy, which allow scientists to study nature's building blocks. Over the course of her research, she received a number of prestigious awards and scholarships, and published 13 papers. The most recent one, resulting from a combined research under the guidance of Prof. Zeev Zalevski, together with a research laboratory at the UCLA, was published last September in the prominent journal Biomedical Optics Express, and was widely publicized. Tali's husband, Dr. Asaf Ilovitsh, age 33, holds a BSc with highest distinction in Physics, and an MSc and PhD from the Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan University. His research dealt with development of super resolution methods in the field of electro-optics. He also received numerous awards and scholarships for excellence in science and published 14 papers. Tali and Asaf, who met while studying for their Master’s degree, will continue to study in the United States in new fields of research – Tali will research resolution enhancement techniques in the field of ultrasound, and Asaf in the field of magnetic resonance imaging.