An Innovative Microendoscope for the Medical Field

In 2014, Dr. Asaf Shahmoon established his start-up, based on patents he developed during his doctoral studies in the Faculty of Engineering of Bar Ilan University. The company, “Z-Square”, produces disposable microendoscopes, which can be used for a wide range of medical indications. “In fact, these endoscopes are so small that they can open the door to new areas and provide indications that until now did not exist, such as in the fields of gynecology and otolaryngology”, says Shahmoon. “Our microendoscope provides a highly advanced solution because it contains a very high resolution in a very small device, such as has never been seen before”. Dr. Shahmoon, 36, married and father of three children, completed BSc in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Optics and Signal Processing, and continued to a direct PhD in Electro-Optics. During his doctoral studies, supervised by Prof. Zeev Zalevski, he researched nano-photonic and electro-optic devices. “My doctoral studies included planning, simulation and production of devices in the field of nanophotonics. My final goal is to produce devices that are both extremely small and can contain a large amount of information”, he says. After completing his doctorate in 2011, he continued to two years of post doctoral studies in Friedrich Alexander University in Germany, with a team specializing in photonic devices for clinical use, with the support of the European Minerva grant. When he returned to Israel, he established Z-Square. The microendoscope he produces has the potential to serve as the first stage of diagnosis and treatment of patients, and reveal problems that have previously been difficult to identify. With this device, he hopes to bring new tidings and innovation to the field of medicine.