Dr. Adam Yemen from the Faculty of Engineering among the winners of the Krill 2020 Award

Congratulations to Dr. Adam Teman of the Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University for receiving the 2020 “Krill Prize” for excellence in scientific research. The prestigious Krill Prize is annually granted by the Wolf Foundation to approximately ten university faculty members who have yet to be tenured.

Dr. Teman received his PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Ben-Gurion University and carried out his post-doctorate under a Swiss Government fellowship at EPFL. His research is in the field of VLSI, focusing on the design of circuits and systems for electronic chips from the transistor to the system level. Dr. Teman’s group researches, among other domains, the design and analysis of embedded memories, hardware accelerators integrated in RISC-V architectures, energy-efficient circuits and hardware for artificial intelligence applications. Dr. Teman is a co-director of the “EnICS Labs” Impact Center at Bar-Ilan University – the leading research center in Israeli academia in the field of integrated circuits. In addition to publishing dozens of academic papers, several patents and a full-length book on dynamic embedded memories, Dr. Teman was also recognized as an outstanding lecturer at Bar-Ilan University last year.

The Krill Prize was awarded to Dr. Teman primarily based on his research that was funded in the framework of two Israel Innovation Authority consortia. In the first project, that was carried out as part of the HiPer Consortium, Dr. Teman’s group developed a dynamic embedded memory and proved its functionality in a 16nm manufacturing process with FinFET devices. The novel memory, which is the smallest ever to be demonstrated in this advanced process, was integrated in a complex system-on-chip that was designed by the EnICS Labs in partnership with the consortium members, including Mellanox. The second project, which is currently being carried out within the GenPro Consortium, is a “blue and white” RISC-V compliant processor and a system-on-chip platform intended for the use of the Israeli industry. During the first year of the consortium, the EnICS Labs engineering team and Dr. Teman’s research group developed initial versions of the advanced platform, nicknamed “PulpEnIX”, deployed it to the Israeli academia and industry, and integrated it into the academic curricula. The platform was also used as the basis for the majority of the projects that participated in the “First Israeli RISC-V Hackathon”, including the first and third place winners. During the second term of the consortium, which will be starting next month, the platform will be manufactured in silicon, including additional research projects from Dr. Teman’s group, such as hardware accelerators and novel embedded memories.

 Dr. Adam Teman