New at the Faculty of Engineering: Industrial Engineering and Information Systems

New at the Faculty of Engineering: Industrial Engineering and Information Systems
Dr. Itzik Cohen

This one-of-a-kind program inherently combines information systems and industrial engineering, data and AI, and aspects of economics and behavioral science.

In today’s ever-changing market, information systems are quickly becoming an inseparable part of management, planning, and controlling processes in the hi-tech industry. This notion, supported by the CHE, is the basis for the new program at the Faculty of Engineering: Industrial Engineering and Information Systems. “This is the only program in Israel where alumni get a combined degree in industrial engineering and information systems. As such, it inherently combines information systems with industrial engineering, data, and AI,” says Dr. Itzik Cohen, head of the program.

The program was 18 months in development, a task which included, per Cohen, a comprehensive examination of the forefront of global technology, as well as advisory from leading experts in academia and the industry, in order to compile an academically and practically excellent and relevant program to train the next generation of industry leaders. In addition, similar international programs in institutions such as Georgia Tech, Columbia University, Berkley, and others were studied.

The program is set to begin in this upcoming academic year, in October of 2021. As the name suggests, it offers a unique combination of industrial engineering and information systems engineering. Accordingly, students will be proficiently trained in mathematics, statistics, programming, data, and information system analysis, operations research, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Since people are an inseparable part of the process, the program will also include courses in behavioral science, economy, and financial management. “One of our goals is to train engineers who can bring together various fields when planning or optimizing processes,” says Dr. Cohen. “Eventually, we will be training students who will act in key positions in hi-tech and other industries, including research at leading universities.”

The program includes project-based learning: “The students work on projects during their studies, not just on their final year. This gives them experience in working with research and key industry players, experiment and applies the methods and technologies that they learned,” Dr. Cohen elaborates. The program’s faculty is comprised of researchers with versatile knowledge and academic experience; some also have significant experience in the industry. Dr. Cohen managed several projects while studying at the Technion. Prior to that, he served in the military, in various technical positions. Another staff member, Dr. Gonen Singer, established CB4, a company involved in patents inspired by the world of pattern recognition. “Our combined experience in industry and academia also impacts the orientation of the program,” says Dr. Cohen.

In its first stage, the new program will accept only 80 students. Registration has already started, and an online orientation day will be held on April 4, 2021, with additional information and a meet-and-greet with the staff. If you find the program interesting, you are invited to come, listen and apply. The number of available slots is limited.

Last Updated Date : 13/03/2021