• Study in the EU? This could be you!

    Study in the EU? This could be you!

    The Erasmus+ program sponsors student exchange with select academic institutions in Europe. Daniel Shoval, head of the Erasmus program at Bar Ilan University, talks about the program and urges you to apply.

  • New from the Faculty of Engineering: Hardware and Chip Design Engineering

    New from the Faculty of Engineering: Hardware and Chip Design Engineering

    Are you interested in the world’s most advanced hardware technologies? The new track lets you focus on computer hardware, from circuit design through computer architecture and all the way to operating systems. Graduates will seamlessly be integrated into the hardware teams of leading global tech companies.

  • Like the Cheshire Cat

    Like the Cheshire cat

    Just like the cat that disappears leaving only its grin behind, so can quantum particles leave a mark even after they’re gone. Using this effect for purposes of quantum communication was the topic of a recently published paper by Dr. Eliahu Cohen and his colleagues

  • אולה ברגמו

    Olé, Bergamo

    A new academic collaboration with the University of Bergamo and funded by an Erasmus+ grant was launched with a five-day visit of our Faculty team

  • ויוה איטליה: הגר כפרי בדרך לסמסטר במילאנו

    Viva Italia: Hagar Kafri headed to a semester in Italy

    Kafri, a third-year student at the Faculty of Engineering, is headed to Politecnico di Milano as part of the Erasmus+ exchange program. She will be focusing on courses that combine engineering and music.

  • Gained Experience, Gave to the Community

    Gained Experience, Gave to the Community

    A platform that aggregates accessible services, a universal remote that you can operate using only your fingertips, and another one operated by pressure: these are the winners of the hackathon, held last month at the Faculty of Engineering

  • The wonders of the nervous system: Prof. Orit Shefi will study the neural skeletal system under daily conditions

    The wonders of the nervous system: Prof. Orit Shefi will study the neural skeletal system under daily conditions

    How can our skeletal system move continuously, year after year, without fading and wearing out? This question is explored by Prof. Orit Shefi and her research group, which recently received the HFSP Human Frontiers Research Grant.
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  • Engineers for a Night

    Engineers for a Night

    During the June 6th all-night hackathon, a collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and Milbat Tel Hashomer, and sponsored by Intel, participants will have the opportunity to initiate, design, and develop products that improve the lives of people with disabilities
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  • Our Guy at SPIE

    Our Guy at SPIE

    How do you organize a large convention during Covid times? Prof. Dror Fixler initiated and created a unique platform for the annual SPIE Photonics West international conference, which earned him a special honor

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  • Meet Dr. Mor Weiss

    Meet Dr. Mor Weiss

    She specializes in Cryptography, zero-knowledge, and secure computation in the RAM model; she teaches the first-year course “Set Theory and Logic”, and is on the hunt for Masters’s students who love to solve mathematical riddles.

  • Machino and The Godfather

    Machino and The Godfather

    Prof. Zvi Lotker’s recently published book, Analyzing Narratives in Social Networks, takes a fascinating look into movie plots through computerized mathematical analysis. Enjoy this preview – an analysis of The Godfather trilogy in which Machino provides an unexpected perspective of the films.

  • Nano particles for cancer research

    Nano particles for cancer research

    Doctoral student Chen Tzror-Azankot of Prof. Rachela Popovtzer’s is conducting research that allows to clearly distinguish between tumors and inflammation and has significant implications on the ability to diagnose – and later treat – cancer.

  • I decided to pick up the gauntlet”

    I decided to pick up the gauntlet”

    Avraham Raviv couldn’t find any Hebrew materials on Machine Learning and Deep Learning – so he decided to create them on his own. His book is in its late writing stages, and the chapters are available online for free.

  • עכשיו בפקולטה להנדסה: למידה היברידית

    Now at the Faculty of Engineering: Hybrid Learning

    After a pilot in semester A, the Faculty of Engineering has fully transitioned into hybrid learning and allows students to choose whether to study from campus or home

  • Run with us

    Run with us

    Meet EngineeRUN, the Faculty of Engineering’s running club. Running meets are currently held twice a week and include laps around the campus, but club founders Dr. Itamar Levi and Prof. Adam Teman have bigger plans in mind.

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