• Nanotechnological radiation to improve cancer treatment

    Nanotechnological radiation to improve cancer treatment wrote about doctoral student Eli Varon's research, in which he develops technology for personalized cancer treatment using nano-particles and Machine Learning models.

  • On a Mission to Deliver Drugs Efficiently

    On a Mission to Deliver Drugs Efficiently

    Doctoral student Adi Anaki develops tools for delivering drugs via exosomes. Her work has earned her the CHE’s Levzion scholarship.

  • The Faculty of Engineering’s winners of the ISF grants

    The Faculty of Engineering’s winners of the ISF grants

    Earlier this month, the winners of the Israel Science Foundation scholarship were announced, and no fewer than 50 of those are from Bar-Ilan. Culminating at 40 million ILS, the scholarship funds will be divided among the winners, including four faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering.

  • Studying the brain in real environment

    Studying the brain in real environment

    Meet Dr. Nisan Ozana, our new faculty member who specializes in neurophotonics: a combination of electro-optics and neuroscience for clinical and functional purposes

  • השלב הבא של המצלמות

    Cameras: The next step

    Imagine a world where security and speed cameras can not only document accidents or crime but also call for help in real-time. Such a system was developed and successfully demonstrated at the Faculty of Engineering’s hackathon

  •  Dr. Ethan Fetaya Teaches Computers How to See

    Dr. Ethan Fetaya Teaches Computers How to See

    For many animals – humans included – sight is the most dominant of senses. We are able to see an image and easily recognize objects, distinguish between night and day, comprehend what’s at the front and what’s in the back. Computers, on the other hand, still struggle to do that, despite incredible advances in the field. This is one of the challenges currently facing researchers in computer vision: extracting semantic information from an image.

  • זיהוי שגיאות ואימות פורמלי של למידה מבוססת חיזוקים

    Error Recognition and Formal Verification of Reinforcement-Based Learning

    Students Or Reginiano and Eliya Bronshtein’s final project on improving the capabilities of reinforcement-based algorithms using tools of formal validation has been accepted by PyCon

  • First place: Helping pedestrians

    First place: Helping pedestrians

    Ran, Alon, Alex, and Shiraz created a solution that would prevent pedestrians from being injured at crosswalks. The group has already received funding for a prototype that would be implemented at the university, and later throughout the city of Ramat Gan

  • Second Place: Helping public transportation commuters

    Second Place: Helping public transportation commuters

    Itai, Noam, Elai, Tamir, and Elin came up with a communication system for public transportation which will reduce instances of busses skipping stops, and can pave the way to autonomous public transportation

  • The Secret to a Great Hackathon

    The Secret to a Great Hackathon

    Over 200 students participated in the Faculty of Engineering’s main hackathon, held earlier this month and organized in its entirety by students. Noam Shamla, one of the event’s organizers, shares the A-to-Z of a great hackathon

  • 2022 Hackathon: Smart Cities

    2022 Hackathon: Smart Cities

    Want to improve the quality of life in your city? Have a revolutionary idea that could upgrade day-to-day processes in your city or at your university? The Faculty of Engineering is delighted to invite students to sign up for the hackathon, collaborate, experiment, and develop new solutions that tackle the challenges of modern smart cities. The event, sponsored by Intel, will take place on June 2nd.

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  • Mission: Promote Science

    Mission: Promote Science

    Meet Dr. Ofir Lindenbaum, who specializes in Machine Learning and develops algorithms that can improve scientific research in almost any field—from discovering new drugs for cancer, to predicting floods

  • The Minister’s Visit

    The Minister’s Visit

    Republic of Kosovo’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Donika Gërvalla, VISITED THE Faculty of Engineering this month. Minister Gërvalla met with Dean Zalevsky to discuss a possible collaborative program with students from Kosovo. The Kosovo students will attend the Faculty of Engineering’s lessons via Zoom, in order to improve their training in digital engineering. 

  • SELA at the Faculty of Engineering

    SELA at the Faculty of Engineering

    Some 50 new immigrants from Russia and Ukraine, participants of the Jewish Agency’s SELA program, visited Bar Ilan University and learned about their options for a bachelor’s degree. The tour, organized by the International School at Bar Ilan, the prospective students were advised about programs offered in English and the tracks offered at the Faculty of Engineering.

  • “A medical revolution”

    “A medical revolution”

    Groundbreaking technology developed in Prof. Rachela Popovtzer’s lab, used for creating a new generation of engineered, nano-particle-based drugs, allows biological drugs to bypass the blood-brain barrier. This may revolutionize the treatment of neural disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and different types of cancer