• היכונו היכונו: הבוטקאמפ הראשון של הפקולטה להנדסה

    Come Prepared: Faculty of Engineering first bootcamp

    On a mission to help students smoothly enter the work force, the Faculty of Engineering’s Student Council came up with up the bootcamp—a series of short, practical courses to be held during May.

  • מישל אלוף-מדינה

    Energy saved, time saved

    A project being conducted at Prof. Hillel Kugler’s lab was presented at a conference earlier this month. The project is in the field of biocomputation circuits-particularly formal validation. Master’s student Michelle Aluf-Medina has all the details.

  • Understanding the Brain

    Understanding the Brain

    Thanks to brain mapping performed on patients with brain tumors, Dr. Yaara Erez’s research group was able to identify neural networks that are associated with higher cortical functions. This finding will enable clinicians to provide patients with optimal, personalized treatment

  • Faculty representation at the Israel-Germany Quantum Future Academy Workshop

    Faculty representation at the Israel-Germany Quantum Future Academy Workshop

    Congratulations, Eden Sade from Prof. Moti Fridman’s lab, and Noga Entin from Dr. Adi Makmal’s lab, who were chosen to take part in the 2023 Israel-Germany Quantum Future Academy Workshop. The two students were chosen, together with other 13 students from Israel, for their academic excellence out of hundreds of worthy applicants. The first part of the workshop was held in Israel in February and the second part will take place in Germany, in September 2023. We wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing them representing our country and Faculty.

  • A Quantum Matter

    A Quantum Matter

    Dr. Tamar Goldzak Mizrahi focuses on computing the quantum qualities of nanometric materials, with the goal of developing and identifying materials that could serve as foundations for new quantum technologies such as detectors, solar technologies, and green energy.

  • Know, try, love

    Know, try, love

    The Brainstorm community event held last month at the Faculty of Engineering provided students with opportunities to experiment with advanced neuroscience technologies, including VR and expansion sequencing

  • Gene Sequencing, Fast and Precise

    Gene Sequencing, Fast and Precise

    Dr. Leonid Yavits recently won a generous grant awarded by the EU, for a four-year project in which he will be developing algorithms and methods of in-memory computing, to be used in Biocomputing applications

  • Congratulations, Winners of the TEVA Bio-Innovation Scholarship!

    Congratulations, Winners of the TEVA Bio-Innovation Scholarship!

    PhD students Michal Danino Levi of Dr. Shahar Alon’s lab, and Reut Plen of Prof. Orit Shefi’s lab, were admitted to TEVA’s bio-innovation scholarship program for 2023. In addition to a generous stipend, this prestigious program includes mentorship from industry experts and is designed to support and promote studies in the field of biological treatments, as well as collaborations in this field between academia and the industry. Only a select few outstanding doctoral students are accepted each year, based on personal performance in school and in research. This year, two of the lucky winners are from our very own Faculty of Engineering.

  • Cloaking in Memoriam

    Cloaking in Memoriam

    Faculty alumnus Moshe Gamliel suggested a new term in optics to the Academy of the Hebrew Language, in memory of Dany Gonen ZL who was killed 8 years ago. This week, the Academy’s plenary committee approved the new term.

  • PhD student by day, author by night

    PhD student by day, author by night

    In October 2022, Noam Kalush started working on his PhD at Prof. Hillel Kugler’s lab. Earlier that year he published his first book of prose, and a crowdfunding campaign for the second one is already underway.

  • New from the Faculty of Engineering: The Data Engineering Program

    New from the Faculty of Engineering: The Data Engineering Program

    The new and unique program will be starting in the next semester. Prof. Sharon Gannot, who will be leading the program, wants you to join, and shares all there is to know.

  • Opening the Black Box

    Opening the Black Box

    Dr. Tom Tirer’s work combines signal processing with deep learning and optimization tools, with the goal of developing high-performance, interpretable algorithms

  • When Engineered Germs Meet Nanotechnology

    When Engineered Germs Meet Nanotechnology, a project fresh from Prof. Rachela Popovtzer’s lab, won the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology’s Award for Entrepreneurship Postdoc. The project develops technology for simple, noninvasive disease monitoring.

  • Breaking the Skin

    Breaking the Skin

    The hardworking minds at Prof. Dror Fixler’s lab developed an optical method for identifying nano-diamonds that penetrate the skin and allow for safe, noninvasive tracking of particles inside body tissue

  • This was 2022

    This was 2022

    Four new faculty members, more than a few groundbreaking scientific innovations, numerous media publications, plenty of scholarships, grants, and awards, one alumni conference, and a hackathon. The Faculty of Engineering’s end-of-the-year roundup.