Adiabatic Frequency Conversion

Conversion of one laser frequency to another is one of the oldest and most useful effects in nonlinear optics. In wavelength conversion devices, there is usually a trade-off between the efficiency of the conversion and the bandwidth over which the device functions. By adapting control schemes from atomic physics, we have demonstrated an analogy between two coupled mode dynamics and frequency conversion.
We have suggested the "adiabatic frequency conversion" method, which use adiabatic passage evolution, to overcome the usual trade-off between bandwidth and the efficiency. The method is shown to be robust and can efficiently convert a broadband signal to the visible and the mid-IR optical regime.
This work can lead to new applications in development of ultrashort laser sources, experimental astronomy, quantum optics, and optical communication.

28/06/2012 - 13:00
Haim Suchowski
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University of California, Berkeley
building 1103, Room 329