Robust Codes for Protection from Fault Attacks

Abstract: The security of cryptographic devices is threatened by attacks that utilize the physical properties of hardware to extract secret information. These attacks are known as "Side-Channel attacks". One of the most powerful side-channel attacks is known as a "Differential Fault Analysis" (DFA) attack. In DFA attacks, the attacker distorts the data that flows between the components by injecting faults to the circuitry. A DFA attack can be modeled as an additive error injected to the data.

DFA attacks can be detected by using error detecting codes. Robust codes are codes that can detect a "weak" attacker - an attacker that may know the codebook, but cannot control or predict which codeword will appear at the output at a certain moment. In robust codes, for any error vector there is at least one codeword that can detect its presence. In this talk we'll present a new class of binary systematic robust codes with high rate (greater than one half) which are optimal or close to optimal in terms of their attack detection capability.


* Research was carried out towards the M.Sc. degree, supervised by Dr. Osnat Keren


05/03/2013 - 14:00
Yaara Neumeier
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Bar Ilan University
building 1103, Room 329