Large-Scale Secure Computation

Abstract: Large data sets are now collected and processed on tremendous scale. Unfortunately, leveraging multiple datasets is not possible in several crucial applications, when different data sets are owned by separate agents who are unable or unwilling to share the data (e.g, due to regulatory restrictions or competitive advantage).
A promising approach to data sharing is to make use of cryptographic tools such as secure multi-party computation (MPC), which enable mutually untrusting parties to jointly evaluate a function f over their secret inputs, while guaranteeing that information on their inputs will not be revealed beyond the function output. 
However, despite great progress in MPC techniques in the last three decades, the surrounding world of data aggregation and computation has leapt even more rapidly forward. For example, nearly all existing MPC protocols require each party to store information comparable to the {\em total} combined data, and evaluate the desired function via its {\em circuit} representation. When the number of parties and size of data is large, or when the functions to be computed are "lightweight" (e.g. touching only small portions of the data), these limitations completely obliterate feasibility of MPC as a solution.
In this talk, I will introduce techniques yielding MPC protocols whose parameters scale to the modern regime of massive data; in particular, which support efficient computation of Parallel RAM programs.

10/12/2014 - 15:00 - 16:00
Elette Boyle
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Technion I.I.T.
building 1103, Room 329