Light-matter strong coupling and potential for chemistry and biology

Abstract: When matter is placed in the confined field of electromagnetic radiation, it can lead to modified and even new properties. This is of great interest from both the fundamental point of view as well as for many radiation engineering applications. For instance, the field confinement can lead to effects such as extraordinary optical transmission, enhanced absorption and emission of light, high-resolution spectroscopy and imaging. Under certain conditions, the light-matter interaction can become so strong that it enters the so-called strong coupling regime where new hybrid light-matter states are formed, offering a vast potential for chemistry and biology that has hardly been explored. 
In this talk, I'll present the nature of enhanced optical phenomena using nanophotonics and plasmonic structures, emphasizing the applications of harnessing radiation fields into confined regions for bio-sensing and molecular detection. Then, a basic introduction to strong coupling of optically-active substances will be presented. Strong coupling of molecular vibrational transitions in the infra-red region will be particularly elaborated with new prospects to modify molecular and structural processes. New directions for exploiting strong light-matter interactions for bio-sensing and biomedical applications will be discussed. 

27/05/2015 - 15:00 - 16:00
Atef Shalabney
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Institut de Science et d'Ingènierie Supramolèculaires, University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Engineering Building 1103, Room 329