3d simulation of stem cells population dynamics in tissue and organ development

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סימולציה תלת-מימדית של תאים בהתפתחות רקמות ואיברים

תיאור הפרויקט:

 Stem cells play a key role in many tissues and organs enabling proper development and maintenance, yet understanding their dynamics and behaviour is challenging. This project will focus on using and extending 3-d simulation frameworks and software to study the behaviour of such systems and try to predict what will happen in the real system  

תכולת הפרויקט: 

Understanding existing simulation framework and code, modifying and extending code to study new questions, running simulations and analysing results


Requirements: Good programming skills (C++ an advantage)


A model of stem cell population dynamics: in silico analysis and in vivo validation (http://dev.biologists.org/content/139/1/47)

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