Synthesis in Software Enginnering and Biology

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תיאור הפרויקט: 

The goal of synthesis is given a specification of a program to derive automatically an implementation of the program that is correct by construction. The focus of the project will be to evaluate and try to improve the applicability of existing synthesis based method to construct simple software programs or derive models of biological programs given known experimental measurements

תכולת הפרויקט:

Applying, tuning and improving existing synthesis methods to derive simple software programs or study biological programs


Good programming skills, interest to learn about formal synthesis methods, taking course 83691 Formal Verification and Synthesis in parallel to project


Recent Challenges and Ideas in Temporal Synthesis. O. Kupferman, SOFTSEM’12. Controller Synthesis from LSC Requirements. H. Kugler, C. Plock, and A. Pnueli. FASE'09

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