Design and Development of localization system for humanoid robot team playing soccer in RoboCup KSL league

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תכנון ופיתוח מערכת לוקליזציה לקבוצת רובוטים המשחקים כדורגל בליגת KSL בתחרות רובוקאפ

תיאור הפרויקט:

RoboCupTM is an international research and education initiative. Its goal is to foster artificial intelligence and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be examined and integrated. 
The focus of the RoboCup activities is competitive soccer. 
In this league, autonomous robots with a human-like body plan and human-like senses play soccer against each other. Dynamic walking, running, and kicking the ball while maintaining balance, visual perception of the ball, other players, and the field, self-localization, and team play are among the many issues investigated in the Humanoid League.

תכולת הפרויקט:

The students will design a localization system system for a soccer playing robot team. It includes robot localization under different condition, solving the "kidnapped robot" problem, using image processing system output for localization, ball localization, goals localization, localization of opponent robots, using particle filter and other Bayesian filters, for robust operation, using the goalkeeper as a reference point when available, decision making and states analyzing.   


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