Design and development of autonomous vehicle model for driving with no human intervension

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תכנון ופיתוח דגם רכב אוטונומי המתנהל בתנאי כביש ללא התערבות נהג

תיאור הפרויקט:

Recently, many efforts are made towards autonomous vehicles creation. There are several reasons for this trend. Among them, the increased safety, more efficient time utilization, choose of the best and fastest route, and more. Several approaches and technologies exist for implementing such idea.
The students will implement a part of the whole idea using image processing and artificial intelligence.

תכולת הפרויקט:

The students will design the hardware and software needed for two model vehicle to implement the following tasks:
The 2 robots will present:
•    Ability of driving in two lanes while keeping the allowed speed and obeying to the traffic laws,
•    Ability of driving one following the other while keeping allowed speed and distance from each other
•    Ability to cross the intersection according to the traffic laws
•    Ability to change lanes while taking into account other vehicles on the road
•    Making turns according to the traffic laws

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