f-Divergence Inequalities

שלחו לחבר
Igal Sason
BIU Engineering Building 1103, Room 329
Technion I.I.T.

This talk presents systematic approaches to obtain f-divergence inequalities, dealing with pairs of probability measures defined on arbitrary alphabets. Functional domination is one such approach, where special emphasis is placed on finding the best possible constant upper bounding a ratio of f-divergences. Another approach used for the derivation of bounds among f-divergences relies on moment inequalities and the logarithmic-convexity property, which results in tight bounds on the relative entropy and Bhattacharyya distance in terms of  divergences. A rich variety of bounds are shown to hold under boundedness assumptions on the relative information. Special attention is devoted to the total variation distance and its relation to the relative information and relative entropy, including “reverse Pinsker inequalities,” as well as on the  divergence, which generalizes the total variation distance. Pinsker’s inequality is extended for this type of f-divergence, a result which leads to an inequality linking the relative entropy and relative information spectrum. Integral expressions of the Rényi divergence in terms of the relative information spectrum are derived, leading to bounds on the Rényi divergence in terms of either the variational distance or relative entropy.


Joint work with Professor Sergio Verdú, Princeton.