Security Oriented MUX Based Architecture for the Minimization of Information Leakage from Cryptographic System

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David Zooker Zabib, Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University
BIU Engineering Building 1103, Room 329

Cryptographic devices leak information through the power supply. This information can be exploited by an adversary who may recover the secret information. Hiding the dependency between the information and the power dissipation by gate-level countermeasures is hard to achieve. This dissertation presents a standard-cell based Dual-Rail-Precharge MUX (DPMUX) cell with an additional data path spatial randomization mechanism which dramatically reduces this dependence. The solution is suitable for ASIC and FPGA devices. Post-Layout simulation results show up to x10 improvement in security compared to WDDL, which is a popular standard-cell based countermeasure.


* M.Sc. research supervised by Prof. Alex Fish and Dr. Osnat Keren