Fault Injection Attacks on Cryptographic Devices and Countermeasures

Abstract: Numerous schemes for extracting the secret key out of cryptographic devices using side channel attacks have been developed. One of the most effective side channel attacks is through maliciously injecting faults into the device and observing the erroneous results produced by the device. In some extreme cases, a single fault injection experiment has been shown to be sufficient for retrieving the secret key.
In this talk we describe several fault injection attacks on symmetric key and public key ciphers and outline countermeasures that have been developed to protect cryptographic devices against such attacks. We then show that some of these countermeasures do not provide the desired protection, and even worse, they may make other side channel attacks easier to mount.

17/12/2013 - 15:00
Israel Koren
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University of Massachusetts, Amherst
building 1103, Room 329