Personal Insights on Three Research Directions in Networked Systems

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Kirill Kogan, IMDEA Networks Institute
BIU Engineering building 1103, Room 329

In this talk, we draw from our research and industry experience in the design of networked systems and define research directions that can simplify management and better exploit network infrastructure. We introduce problems both on data and control planes related to the design of single network elements and network-wide behaviors, concentrating on three directions: processing a single packet with packet classifiers, processing streams of packets in network switches,

and network-wide control plane optimizations. In particular, we consider efficient representations of packet classifiers, expressive implementations of buffer management policies, and network virtualization. For the considered research directions outlined here, we formulate problems that, we believe, are important in the design of networked systems. The purpose of this talk is to attract system researchers to specific problems introduced in this talk.